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Morgan Manley was created on a foundation of passion and a complete belief that apprentices can transform businesses through the enthusiasm and innovation that they bring alongside the training that they receive.


Through many years of experience working within the apprenticeship field, we realised that many businesses were unable to bring to fruition the benefits that apprenticeships can offer, whether this be through not knowing how to start an apprenticeship programme or not being able to connect with the apprentices once they were in their business. With the apprenticeship levy bringing new opportunities for both small and large businesses to move into the apprenticeship market, we are keen to ensure that all businesses can successfully tap into this talent pool to add value to their organisations.


Some of the clients we have worked with are


"Morgan Manley has been an absolute breeze to work with; picking up the pieces in a speedy manner, running with them and producing quality content.  A huge thank you!" - Siobhan Milliagan, Emerging Talent Manager, Lloyds Banking Group










“Sasha has an impressive ability to move very easily from high level, big picture to detail and project plans which is an impressive skill. Sasha managed 4 large projects in her time at QA and she is able to produce content that is clear, concise, coherent, logical and powerful and in turn this delivers high impact, high performance to clients. Her capabilities at managing all levels of stakeholders with sheer professionalism meant that I always had total confidence at all times that she would be delivering a successful client experience with her positive, well thought through engagement ability” Rebecca Plant, Head of Apprentice Solutions, QA Apprenticeships

Who we've worked with...

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Morgan Manley was created to help businesses break into the apprenticeship market and develop a positive brand once they are there.


To help businesses set up apprenticeship programmes, whether as a training provider or employer, we:


  • Work with businesses to identify where apprenticeships could add value to their organisations, and how to gain maximum value from their apprenitceship levy where appropriate

  • Create and set up the right apprenticeship programmes for the business by identifying training partners/employers, delivery models and additional vendor qualifications that will enable them to acheive their goals

  • Build upon apprentice programmes that already exist within businesses to create and deliver progression routes to take apprentices to the next stage of their careers.


To engage with those who join early career programes we:


  • Create a strong outward facing brand for a business’ early career programmes, whether this be creating content for external portals, building external relationships with schools or universities, or targeted promotional campaigns.

  • Build communities of graduates and apprentices to create a culture of teamwork and a feeling of friendship at work

  • Develop induction programmes that enable new joiners to feel excited about joining a businesses whilst also delivering the essential knowledge to them that they need to know about their new employer straight away.


We also work with businesses to help them make the most of their contribution to the Apprenitceship Levy which was introduced in April 2017

What we can help you achieve...

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