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...and welcome to my musings about starting my own business, apprenticeships and early career programmes as a whole. I will update this with my thoughs on each of these as well as keeping you up to date on what is going on in Morgan Manley.

By Sasha, Jan 5 2016 12:08PM

All new adventures have something a little bit scary about them but with the launch of Morgan Manley I can honestly say that I am more excited than nervous. Of course there were a few butterflies in my tummy when I sat down this morning with an overwhelming sense of 'where do I begin' but I feel more confident than ever that this is the right thing for me to do.

I am not always this confident and so I have been trying to pin point why I feel like this and I think that the main reason is because I am so passionate, and belive so whole-heartedly, in what Morgan Manley has been set up to do that I cannot allow it to be anything other than a success! Young people are the future of the UK and young people with energy, passion and enthusiasm are going to be the leaders of our future. Having worked with apprentices for the last 4 years, I know first hand how they can transform businesses while out-performing even their own expectations and so I really do believe that there is a gap in the market for somoene to help organisations to capitalise on the skills of these young people through the right training and support.

It has long been said that the benefits of apprentice programmes are evident; businesses will vouch for how apprentices have added to their bottom line, the facts show that apprentice retention is much higher than other forms of junior talent, and the government are offering to fund (at least part of) the training that apprentices need to learn their roles. But why do businesses struggle? Although the business case for apprentices may be clear it is easier said than done to get these young peope embedded into a business. It is important to find the right training provider to partner with and it is important to bring apprentices in at the right level. Even with the right provider in place however it is essentail to create the right environment to allow the apprentice to be successful, to communicate with them in a way that gets them engaged with the business, and to put the necessary personal development steps in place for them. This is all before we start to look at the complexities around governemnt funding. Through my experince I know that I can work with businesses to naviagate this journey with them to deliver a complete package that sees apprentices adding value to their organisation, without the business having to spend the time learning this new landscape from scratch!

Yes passion and an understanding of the landscape are important, but this isn't all that I have behind me. For such a long time I sat back getting frustrated that there was no service that I could point interested businesses to to help them create the right apprenticeships for their needs or create the right channels of communication to get young people excited about their company. I was watching this time and time again and sensing a growing need for something to happen, but it was my family who finally said, 'well are you going to do it or not?' All the cards in my newly created office act as a contact reminder of the fantastic people who belive in me so not only do I feel really passionate about what I am doing and know the market, but I also have an incredible network of collegues, friend and family who want me to succeed.

So bring on 2016, Bring on Morgan Manley and, in the words of my best friend, 'it's time to let [my] sparkle shine!’

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