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Welcome to my blog..


...and welcome to my musings about starting my own business, apprenticeships and early career programmes as a whole. I will update this with my thoughs on each of these as well as keeping you up to date on what is going on in Morgan Manley.

By Sasha, Apr 25 2016 12:55PM

Since starting Morgan Manley on the 5th January I have hit the ground running and spent the first 3 months working on a project for Lloyds Banking Group. The project involved working alongside the Emerging Talent Team to create content for a really exciting and innovate site called Discover What Matters, that can be found at www.discoverwhatmatters.co.uk, but I also had the opportunity to work on projects outside of this scope too.

The aim of the Discover What Matters site feeds into Lloyds Banking Group’s vision to ‘Help Britain Prosper’ and is a place where young people (aged 15-24) can go to help them make decisions about their next steps. This may be going to uni, applying for an apprenticeship or starting a job, but the site is designed to give objective advise to allow the audience to work out what matters to them and what they want to do next. While in this age bracket it can be really difficult to differentiate between what matters to you and what matters to your friends, family and teachers, so this site offers a one-stop-shop for young people to explore all the options available to them and hear some objective advice from grads and apprentices who have been in their position recently, before making their decisions.

It is not all about the future however as it also shares topical advice and guidance on how to make the most of what they are going through now, whether this be relocating, starting uni or work, revising for exams or competing application forms and preparing for interview. To do this, the site is home to a range of tools including quizzes, case studies, information sharing articles, and helpful hints and tips on current topics like building employability skills, how to make the most of exam revision and the best ways to prepare for interview. It also has advice for parents, lessons plans for teachers and insights into topical discussions that are taking place around education, apprenticeships or the employment sector as a whole. To ensure the content stays relevant to the audience and is regularly updated there is a different theme each month and new quotes and tips added each week.

My role in all of this was to create the strategy for the site, write the content for the articles and work with the grads and apprentices within Lloyds Banking Group to collate case studies to pass on their advice on a range of topics. The project was really exciting and I personally found the best part to be engaging with the grads and apprentices and hearing their stories. This had a knock on effect and I was also asked to work with a select few grads and apprentices to create a working party to share an ongoing insight into their daily lives on Twitter. So far they are doing brilliantly and you can see all the tweets that have been retweeted at @LBGTalent. I love following what other people get up to day to day and I also think it is really helpful for potential applicants to get an insight into what it is ‘really like’ to work for an organisation. In addition to this I was able to draw on my love of PowerPoint to create 3 masterclasses for the Emerging Talent Team to deliver to a group of undergraduates who want to boost their employability chances over summer.

It was a fantastic first project to be involved in and I am very happy with the outcome. At first I wondered what the working relationships would be like but there was no need to worry as within a week I felt like part of the Emerging Talent Team and they trusted me to get on with what I had been tasked to do and gave me the space to advise on what I thought was best and run with it. There is always so much going on within orgainisations as large as Lloyds Banking Group, and they are always thinking of new ways to build on the emerging talent programmes that they have, so hopefully we will be able to work together again in the future.

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