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We often hear businesses say that they see the benefits of early career programme but they don't know where to start to build a strategy.


One one hand, the government incentives to create more apprenticeships are not being realised by many because apprenticeship programmes are currently wrapped in a layer of complexity that businesses simply do not have the time or expertise to break through. On the other hand, graduate programmes are becoming common place and stagnant. So how do you ensure that your business' is adding value and staying ahead of the competition?


Morgan Manley can help your business get the best return on investment from its early career programmes, by designing bespoke solutions that work for you. We do this through:

Creating Early Careers Programmes

Making the most of the Apprenticeship Levy 

With the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017 it is more important than ever for businesses to utilise apprenticeships to build their talent pipelines. The rules around apprenticeships are long and detailed, but there really is great scope to tailor-make programmes to meet your needs.


The key to creating apprenticeships that add value to your businesses lies in not only identifying the appropriate programmes, but in also having the necessary structures and realtionships in place to support those on an apprenticeship and deliver value back to the business.


Apprenticeships can be a fantastic way to train employees not only at entry level but also to upskill and reskill existing staff. This is an area that employers looking to use their levy must explore in depth.


They most effective way for an organisation to get return on investment  from the levy will vary from business to business, and so Morgan Manley offers a bespoke service to create a strategy for how to turn a business' levy into productivity.

Morgan Manley understands the early careers market but, crucially, also understands business. This means that Morgan Manley is well suited to carry out any projects that you may wish to undertake in this field.


If you require a service that is not listed below, please get in contact to see whether we are able to work together to help your business achieve its goals.

  • Understanding the early careers challenges you face and ideintifying areas where early talent would add the most value - whether this be T level students, work experience students, apprentices, interns, placement students or grads.

  • Getting to know your business to define where apprenticeships can support your business goals. This includes identifying what level and type of apprenticeships would be right to meet the current needs of your business, whether these needs be around retention, cost savings, skill shortages, entry level talent, upskilling existing staff or building growth areas.

  • Finding the right suppliers to provide technical trainig to your early talent, and working with them to build trainig bespoke to you

  • Integrating the programmes into the business through communication plans and manager training

Engaging with the next generation of talent

An induction programme is early talent's launch pad into the working world and helps the employee orientate themselves within your organisation. Apprentices and graduates do not buy into ‘corporate speak’ and so in order to connect with them, and for them to form a connection with your business, it is important to deliver information to them in an authentic and informal (but still professional) way, through interactivity and across different platforms.


Morgan Manley has experience of designing and delivering multi-platformed induction programmes that build a community from the moment that early talent joins the business, allowing them to build a connection with your brand and feel a sense of pride in working for your company.  

Induction Days:

Job satisfaction and employee engagement is not only achieved through the work that employees do, but also the environment that they do it in. The younger generation of talent want to enjoy work and view it as an extension of their everyday life. They are there to get the job done but they want to have fun as they do it, whilst all the while progressing in their careers, building their network and fulfilling their aspirations.


To achieve this you need to foster a sense of teamwork, create an environment where early talent are being developed and build a community so that they look forward to coming into work. Getting this right leads to increased employee satisfaction, along with employee engagement and brand reputation.

Creating communities

To ensure that you promote your brand, get recognised for your early careers programmes and encourage the best candidates to apply to you, you must tell the external world about your successes. Creating a strong outward facing brand is essential for gaining recognition for your programmes and Morgan Manley can help you to do this.


Whether you need a steady stream of content for a portal or website, a plan to engage with local schools and collages or a targeted campaign during high-profile weeks like National Apprenticeship Week, we can help you.


Promotional campaigns


Apprenticeship Programmes

Design Early Careers Strategies

Define what your business needs

Design Induction Programmes

Creating Communities

Generating ROI from the Apprenticeship Levy

Provide on-going support and provider managment

What is it like working with Morgan Manley?

Whatever your project, Morgan Manley centres its business around creating bespoke solutions that are right for your business. Professional relationships allow us to deliver projects successfully, working closely with businesses to understand their challenges and aspirations. Trust is key to creating these client relationships and we can promise that we will always deliver a professional service, every time.




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